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Apr 18 2017
Spring 2017 BCstars newsletter
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Have you seen the new layout for the the clubs newsletter?  The Spring issue of the MBCA-BCstars newsletter is available for download now at...
Apr 12 2017
Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Super Sport
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The Mercedes CLK GTR was (and is) a car of extremes. It was based upon the CLK GTRs that raced in Le Mans; for...
Mar 30 2017
MBCA Okanagan Wine Tour
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White Okanagan Wine Tour The Okanagan Wine Tour this year will focus on wineries in the region at the southern end of Okanagan Lake...
Jan 19 2017
RWM & Co. | Cars & Coffee
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The first Saturday of each month is our cars & coffee, all Mercedes-Benz Club of America members and non-members are welcome to meet for coffee...
Nov 11 2016
Patience is a virture
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Last year one of our members organized a photoshoot for club members and their cars.  Unfortunately the Fall season had passed and the original...
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